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Bakers Patterns polystyrene model makers specialise in cost effective, polystyrene and polyurethane replicas.

Using our own 5-axis CNC milling machines Bakers can manufacture exact polystyrene / polyurethane model replicas of anything. For example, cartoon and animation characters, polystyrene shapes, digital sculpture replication, scaled up or down versions of products for special promotions - racing cars, furniture, human models, polystyrene sculptures can be copied for marketing purposes, product launches, exhibition displays, film sets, television props, sales promotions and advertising campaigns.

We can replicate anything you can think of in polystyrene or polyurethane foam -
absolutely any size, scaled up or down.


Our polystyrene / polyurethane models can be used as is, painted for use as display items or coated with resin and fibreglass to be used as moulding bucks or prototypes or patterns for bronze castings.

Our recent purchase of a class leading 5 axis SCM Routech Chronos CNC machine together with 3D scanning means we can now produce more complex and heavily detailed jobs than ever before.

Call Bakers Patterns on +44 (0) 1952 216165 or email for details of polystyrene and polyurethane foam model making. Also see examples of our Latest Work.

2 metre tall lion sculpture

2 metre tall Lion. Existing 60cm garden ornament laser scanned and enlarged to 2 metres. Material: Polyurethane foam.

Brian Clough sculture, large scale CNC machining

Brian Clough Sculpture. Polyurethane foam core for a bronze statue of Brian Clough. Enlarged from a laser scan of the original maquette by renowned sculptor, Les Johnson.

Polystyrene sculptures for sculptor Matt Darbyshire

Polystyrene sculptures for up and coming sculptor Matt Darbyshire exhibited at Tate Britain Triennial.

Trix(20) and Flix(08) Euro 2008* football championship official mascots milled from raw polystyrene blocks

Trix(20) and Flix(08) Euro 2008* football championship official mascots. CNC milled polystyrene then hand painted.

Client: The Marketing Store. Data: STL file output from Maya animation software.

'C-sport' class racing car moulding plug milled from polystyrene

'C-sport' class racing car moulding plug. CNC milled polystyrene then epoxy resin coated.

Client: Panhard Motorsports Inc., Florida USA. Data: CatiaV5 model.



*The UEFA word, the UEFA EURO 2008™ Official Logo, the Official Mascots and the UEFA European Football Championship™ Trophy are protected by trademarks and copyright. All rights reserved.

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